A tribute to the sacrifice of our martyrs!


The heart-wrenching feeling that I get, knowing so much is happening in my country – the biasedness, the indifference, the brutality!

Recently the Pulwama attacks happened and I was spiraling again. Feeling deeply hurt by these horrific events, my heart goes to people who suffered and to those who do such dreadful things in the name of God.

However, I feel powerless as even in the best of my capacity, all I can do is condemn such events. What else can I do while sitting at my home? I can write on Facebook, share on Twitter, have a discussion with my family and friends but would still have to wait for our leader to initiate the actions. The one thing that I found to be satisfying was knowing that I can still support the families by providing financial support through various means.

I am waiting to find solace in something – that we still have hope, we still have the truth. Our democracy can still become one and fight as a nation, not as a Hindu or Muslim but as an Indian. The issue that arises after the situation is that people start spreading hate messages and direct the masses in the wrong direction. Instead of uniting as one, the negative feelings draw people apart even after being part of the same nation and same cause.

The one thing that we can do in the wake of these events is to not fall prey to the negativism and keep our hearts and spirits bonded to one cause – to take care of the families and to work in the direction of righteousness.

There is a dire need to serve justice to our martyrs, to serve justice to the affected families and to give hope to people like me. The optimism that we are not failing in our patriotism, our goals and as a country.

The positivity that the government shall always flourish by the people and for the people. The confidence that justice should always be served and would not perish from our mother earth.


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