Mesmerize yourself in all ways (Europe Diaries)

As John Keats said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. Europe is indeed one of the most beautiful continents in the world. Let’s take you through this amazing experience in our series called “Europe Diaries”.

Disneyland - Paris
Disneyland – Paris

I was fortunate enough to capture a glimpse of this beauty during my summer internship there. The mesmerizing beauty was overwhelming and I would not use past tense because it is the mother nature at its best. It is still beautiful and will continue to fulfill the beautiful desires of mankind.

Mesmerize yourself in all ways : Europe it is!
A view from Amsterdam!

I happen to stay for 40 days there but those days are worthy of a lifetime. The windmills, canals, flowers, fields, historical buildings, beaches, markets, people, food and everything that was around me contributed its share to make my experience one of its best.

Mesmerize yourself in all ways : Europe it is!
My studio Apartments

My internship was majorly in Amsterdam, Netherlands which is a great nation with one of the most generous people I have ever seen. Apart from that, my journey included short trips to some other cities and countries. Each city has a life of its own and I feel I cannot justify its greatness in one writing. So there is much more to come in my Europe Diaries succeeding this glimpse.

Mesmerize yourself in all ways : Europe it is!
Barceloneta Beach

I would be delightful for the people reading out my blog to experience life in a majestic way in the coming series.

Check out the next blog in #EuropeDiaries on Barcelona @weliveditall!

Stay Connected and live it all my friends!


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