A life support that will never let you die!

Another Wednesday at a gym, full of work-out enthusiasts busy in putting up weights to build their body, few of them trying hard on the treadmill to lose their weight, the sound of machines and the music; the usual routine experiences while gymming.

The hall had a similar breeze but something very strange and unusual knocked on the door of the gym.

An illustration of love, epitome of a partner, necessity of growing age and the bond which grows with time and age just entered the hall.

A gentleman who might be in his early 70’s came holding a hand of his wife who could merely walk and see. Suddenly, most of the eyes turned to the beautiful couple who probably set the benchmark for few of the youngsters like us.

After having a word with one of the trainers, the gentleman made his lady sit on the cycle and sat on the chair nearby at the reception area. The lady was struggling to paddle its every round and her eyes searching for her man. After completing her first exercise, she could finally call a person nearby to ask the gentleman to come and take her for the next exercise.

A thought of realization crossed my mind and left me awestruck with the bond they built. A life partner is one who is our support system both in goods and bads. A need of partner can be felt, when you actually enter your old age, when probably you have married your children to start with their owns and your entire life revolves around each other.

A partner is somebody who can listen to you for hours even if people call you gabby, one who can tell you ample of stories when you feel bored, one who lifts your mood from ‘please leave me alone’ to your beautiful ‘hahaha’ kind of laugh. A partner is somebody who is always by your side.

The moment made my decision more firm of marrying a man of my dreams, my life support, with whom I dream of spending my whole life, holding the hands till death; supporting each other in ups and downs; compromising effortlessly to see a smile on other’s face.

With love and warmth, written by our Guest Blogger Ankita Singla for your very own Weliveditall 🙂


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