When love is in the air!


It was the month of January when I saw him first.
Near the temple and the date was twenty-first.
I had no idea he will be my soulmate.
And this strongly we will equate.

The touch of his hand with mine.
All I could feel was rushing adrenaline.
Summer has filled our veins with love.
We started keeping each others choice above.

Love was at its best.
And all I wanted was him to arrest.
His wink of an eye would make my day,
the moment I decided to be together and see our hair turn grey.

Words were restrained and the eyes were talking,
“Is this love?” the thought was popping.
Soon came December, which I will always remember.
Taking his hand and walking through the street,
on the way to make the relationship more concrete!

Thank you, Ankita for this beautiful guest blog for our website!


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