The story of three mad people! (We Lived It All Story)

Ever thought of roaming the entire world, eating awesome delicacies and yet still fit enjoying a healthy lifestyle! Well, we all die for such things in life. We here at WeliveditAll are trying to make that happen for real. So here we are, a group of three friends, who want to live it all and share with all of you so like us everybody can enjoy such treats in the happiest manner. This is our weliveditall story blog for all of you and a way to personally connect.

Let’s start with our introduction so we get to know each other. The first one is Our drooling guy (P.S. This is what we like to call him). He loves to travel and eat and eat more and travel more. His whole life revolves around these two things only. The second one is our Master Chef and she makes awesome treats from whatever you give her to cook. And last but not least, the third one is me writing this blog for you all. Well, I am the one who loves to travel and share experiences of whatever I have cherished in life.

So, one fine day, we all were chatting and discussing random things that suddenly our chef wanted to share her recipes online and then we thought it would be a good idea to share all we have. So we took responsibilities and started working on it. This is our way to connect with you and share our passion with you. Also, I would like to thank a friend who helped us in creating such a beautiful and meaningful symbol that explains it all.

There is one fine saying, “Be the citizen of the entire world” and that’s what we aspire to do. The name was also chosen like that, some random chitchat and then we knew that we want to share us so here’s the name “WeLivedItAll“. Of course, there is much more to live and we are keeping our share.

We want all of you to get up, pack your bags and take random trips around the world. We come to you with all kind of trips including places that might not be on top bucket lists but are beautiful and serene. We come to you with all the food recipes that are easy to make with whatever you have, some are healthy enough to keep your fitness level and the delicacies we enjoy at different places. We come to you with all the experiences that we have from our lives and share so that we find the like minds and keep them connected!

So, here we are with the weliveditall story and forward to more blogging and sharing but this is not possible without all you people reading or sharing this post.

Stay Connected!

Sayo Nara!

Team WeLivedItAll


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